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Alphabet and Letter Sounds, children learning reading

When people speak, they use either basic [code] or complex [code] “letter sounds” that are voiced [using vocal cords, vibrations in your throat] or unvoiced [not using vocal cords, just pushing air through the mouth].

In addition, the English language has “short” sounds as in a short /a/ [cat] and “long” sounds as in the long /a/ [gate].Letter sounds are also categorizes as Voiced when he sound comes for the vocal cords and Unvoiced when the sound comes from air being pushed through the mouth.

We never think about these things because as adults the way we speak is now a habit, but as a child these things make a difference if taught properly.

You can assist your child in learning the letter sounds by using one index card or piece of paper t for each Letter and practice during the day. Two to three minutes a day is preferable.


The Alphabet And The Corresponding Letter Sounds (Click on each letter for details)

A /a/ B /b/ C /c/ D /d/ E /e/ F /f/ G /g/
H/h/ I/i/ J/j/ K/k/ L/l/ M/m/ N/n/
O/o/ P/p/ Q/q/ R/r/ S/s/ T/t/ U/u/
V/v/ W/w/ X/x/ Y/y/ Z/z/

Other Phoneme Sounds

NG/ng/ X /ks/ Y multiple Q/kw/
OR or, ore, oar OOoo, ue, ew, ui CH ch, tch SHsh, ch, ti, ci
TH voiced + unvoiced [them, bath] OU ou, ow OI oi, oy ER er, ur, ir
AR AIR air, are, ear, ere YOO u, ue, u_e, ew, eu


Alphabet and Letter Sounds,English letter-sounds,children learning reading reviews, jim yang's reading program


Voiced Unvoiced
/b/ /p/
/d/ /t/
/g/ /k/
/j/ /ch/
/th/ /th/
/v/ /f/
/z/ /s/


Once you have taken time to review the above charts it’s very clear that teaching a child to read is a complex process with many different sounds and multiple ways to spell words with the same sounds! It’s not a wonder that so many kids have difficulty learning to read.

You will have great progress with our lessons if you teach your child the BASIC code first.

The goal is to provide your child with a solid foundation of decoding while reading, after that more complex code will be easily learned.

You can CLICK HERE to get access to a reading program which is based on Phonics and Phonemic Awareness and is simple enough that even 2-year old children can benefit of it to become fluent readers in a relatively short period of time.

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